Best Smart Home Hubs of 2022

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When you're shopping for a smart hub, one of the most important questions is, "Will it work with my smart home devices?" The Aeotec Smart Home Hub earns our top pick because, more often than not, the answer to that question was "yes" with this hub. It works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

In addition to excellent compatibility, Aeotec's hub uses some of our favorite software, Samsung SmartThings, which offers more options for automating your devices than rivals. Find out how it compares to the competition in our full breakdown of the best smart hubs.

Best smart hubs for home automation

  1. Aeotec Smart Home Hub: Best overall
  2. Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 4): Best budget
  3. Google Nest Hub (Gen 2): Best smart display
  4. Apple HomePod mini: Best for HomeKit
  5. Aqara Hub M2: Best infrared remote

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