About BestWirelessCam

Our mission is to protect life, property and your family.


What we do

We believe that our home and the people (and pets) we share with are really important. Protect "where" and "who" in our life, so that we have more time to enjoy everything. BestWirelessCam simplifies it for you by putting comments, videos, and articles in one place.

We link family and security trends to show how they affect you and the people around you. We use this knowledge to check security and wireless camera products to see if they are worth your time. When we find defects, gaps in coverage or an approach that makes us dumbfounded, we will let brands and consumers know.


How we do it

What we do is not only research, but also a large number of internal tests of intelligent devices and related scenarios to report the good, bad and ugly. In fact, we have reduced many hours of testing to a method that we carefully followed.


Meet the BestWirelessCam Staff

Why we love our jobs

We provide reliable testing and data analysis to help you make decisions that make you feel good. We simplify complex topics and provide practical suggestions for guarding your home and every member of your family. Our team reviews drive real industry wide changes that make the product work for you. That's why we love what we do.



Founder and CEO of Bestwirelesscam.com

Many years ago, Hawkeshurst began to research and repair wireless cameras in his spare time as a hobby. When looking for the "best" wireless camera available, he was frustrated by the lack of public information on different cameras and inaccurate advertising statements from manufacturers.

He began to independently test all available wireless camera models of various categories. Therefore, Bestwirelesscam.com is to share his findings about which cameras perform best in some cases.

Hawkeshurst's hobbies include:; Basketball and football, surfing, swimming, running, video and spending time with his wife and two children.



Technical Guru

Lambard, or "Lambard" as we like to call him, is a retired physics teacher. I love outdoor activities all my life.
Lambard is meticulous, methodical and detail oriented. He is the perfect person to execute most of the test programs of Best Wireless cam. Lambard also took test pictures of most of our products and answered the most difficult questions about wireless security cameras.
Lambard enjoys riding Harley and fishing in his leisure time, and enjoys family time with his wife, children and grandchildren.



Coston assisted Lambard with our Techie work, including testing and shooting wireless cameras. He is also our IT expert, which means that if anything doesn't work, we will yell at him!
When Coston does not participate in fishing competitions, does not organize local fishing clubs, and is not shouted by other people, he likes to spend time with his expanding family.

web developer


Mellos has been a web designer for more than 8 years, and designed dozens of different types of websites at that time. He likes to make it easier for people to find what they want online and create beautiful interfaces. Have good interaction design ability.

As long as the website doesn't work properly, you should blame me! Let Best Wireless cam provide our customers with super intuitive navigation, create comments and tests to educate consumers.


Content Strategist


Alexia has been in the non-profit industry management education project for 10 years, with a compassionate, creative vision and strategic thinking. As a mother of two children, Christo is obsessed with learning all the safety knowledge and is very concerned about sharing the latest products and research to help you protect what you care about most.

Her knowledge and experience are translated into useful content for all learning styles to browse and understand.


Best Wireless Cam Consultant

Kaysi is the latest employee. Kaysi ensures that all visitors have passed adequate "sniffing" tests when entering the door.

Kaysi likes to ride mountain bikes and run long distances. She also likes to go to the local rock climbing hotspots and bark at climbers.

Kaysi only answered serious wireless camera questions. If you have a really tough problem, she is your girl. She received a generous reward of dog food.