Top 5 Best Pet Cameras for 2023

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We've researched the top pet cameras for cats and dogs. Some even let you give them treats!

We loved the original Furbo pet camera, but its 160-degree field of view left us wanting more. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is the only pet camera we've come across with sound detection, which senses barking and directs their tasty treats in a more specific direction. Furbo will alert you if your pup has bad barking habits. Through the app, you can also talk to your pets and give them delicious treats.

We haven't tested the Furbo with cats, and judging from the name it's only designed for dogs. If you have a pet cat at home, please choose Petcube Play 2 Camera.

The top 5 best pet cameras

  1. Furbo 360° Dog Camera: Best for dogs
  2. Skymee Owl Robot Camera: Best for funny
  3. WOPET Smart Pet Camera: Best for budget
  4. Petcube Play 2 Camera: Best for cats
  5. Nooie Pet Camera: Best for design

The best pet camera specs compared

Product Best for Price Field of view Resolution Two-way audio Motion detection Night vision Treat dispenser Learn more
Furbo 360° Dog Camera
Furbo 360° Dog Camera
Best for dogs $210.00 360° 1080p Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light View
Skymee Owl Robot Camera
Skymee Owl Robot Camera
Best for funny $169.99 130° 1080p Icon Yes  Light Icon No Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light View
WOPET Smart Pet Camera
WOPET Smart Pet Camera
Best for budget $88.79 120° 720P Icon No Light Icon No Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light View
Petcube Play 2 Camera
Petcube Play 2 Camera
Best for cats $229.00 160° 1080p Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon No Light View
Nooie Pet Camera
Nooie Pet Camera
Best for design $54.99 101° 1080p Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light Icon Yes  Light View


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Best pet cameras reviews


1. Furbo 360° Dog Camera: Best for dogs

Best dog camera
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer .

pro Pros con Cons
pro 360° view
pro Automatic dog tracking
pro Color night vision
pro Quieter, more adjustable treat tosser
pro Free barking alerts
pro Works with Amazon Alexa
pro Attractive design
pro Bark sensor
con Required subscription for cloud storage
con Doesn't tilt vertically
con Some features require a subscription
con Lacks Google Assistant support




Designed with dogs in mind, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera lets you see your pet remotely and distribute treats, improving on the original's color night vision and panning left and right for 360-degree views.

It also has an improved throw, color night vision, and automatic pet tracking options, and it's $40 more than the standard Furbo, at $210. Otherwise, the 360 model retains all the features of the regular Furbo, including a 1080p camera with a wide-angle lens, two-way audio, and free bark alert. All of this can be controlled via a mobile app. You can monitor and play with your dog while at work, on vacation, or down the hall.

We also really like the panning feature, and the Furbo 360, along with the Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605, offers automatic dog tracking to make sure your pup stays in view at all times. Once activated, the Furbo 360 will automatically rotate and follow your dog when you start a live stream, making it easy to keep an eye on your pet as it moves around.

If you want to keep a record of your dog's activities, Furbo requires a subscription to use its cloud storage service. But the subscription comes with a ton of smart reminders and other perks, making it a worthwhile investment in our book.

I'm glad the Furbo doesn't require a subscription to barking alerts, which is one of the product's most useful features. When I'm out and about, I can always rely on the camera to send me alerts when it barks. When I got the alert, I opened the Furbo app to check on him. Then, I often give him a treat or activate the two-way audio to tell him he's a good kid and I'll be home to play with him soon.

Read our full review of the Furbo 360° Dog Camera to learn more.


2. Skymee Owl Robot Camera: Best for funny

Best for funny
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer .

pro Pros con Cons
pro Moving remote-controlled robot
pro Integrated treat dispenser
pro Night vision
pro Two-way talk
pro Great fun to play with
pro Can be automated
con May lose treats around the house
con Doesn't get on with all carpets
con Occasional connection issues



Skymee takes interactivity a step further with this remote-controlled owl toy with a built-in pet camera that's part robot, part treat dispenser, and part HD camera. The owl robot has smart interaction features that allow you to control it via an app to move around your home, and uses infrared light to detect and interact with your pet. Once your pet catches the owl robot (or whenever you press the treat button), it will dispense treats.

The camera has HD resolution and has all the benefits you'd expect from a pet camera, including night vision and motion detection to capture clear footage of your pet. The owl can also throw pets at you to interact with them and keep them happy when they're home alone, plus you can talk to them using the two-way audio feature. Battery life lasts eight hours on continuous use, and it connects to your WiFi for super easy setup.

We love how interactive this Skymee pet camera is. You can play with your dog or cat anywhere there is Wi-Fi, or even take the owl robot out for a walk.

With all the features and controls in the app, you and your pup are sure to have fun even when you're not home.


3. WOPET Smart Pet Camera: Best for budget

Best for budget
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer .

pro Pros con Cons
pro Features high streaming resolution
pro comes with a charging device
pro It is fitted with a dispenser functionality
pro It has an automated alert to notify you when your pet is barking
pro It has a wide field of view
con Expensive





WOpet Smart Pet Camera is a dog treat dispenser with a full HD wifi camera with night vision. Thanks to two-way audio, you can monitor and talk to your pets remotely. You can feed your dog through the free app. It brings more fun and quality time to you and your pets. It's fun to be able to give them a treat while you're away and let them know you're thinking of them. It's very easy to set up and use.

The device has a built-in premium microphone and speaker, allowing you to talk to your pet remotely through the app. You can listen to and talk to your pet, and reward them with their favorite treats. When you leave, you can see what they are doing to keep them safe. Loud enough so they can hear you clearly.

The device claims to work with Amazon Alexa, however we have been unable to get it to work and other users have noticed similar issues. It doesn't offer any compatibility with Google Assistant or Apple's Siri, leaving you to rely on the WOPet app for full camera control.

In terms of design, this camera looks different from its counterparts. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to place in the corner of a room to capture panoramic views. It also comes with a suction cup base to help prevent curious pets from knocking it over.

Strangely, WOPet doesn't offer cloud storage plans or any way to view videos later. There are no smart alerts either. For the price of this camera, you can certainly use smarter, more affordable options.


4. Petcube Play 2 Camera: Best for cats

Best for cats
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer .

pro Pros con Cons
pro Tap controlled laser pointer!
pro Easy setup
pro Infrared night mode
pro Built-in Alexa
pro Two way communication
con No treat dispenser
con Paid subscription for the more advanced features
con Laser control can be a bit finicky if your connection is slow


While most pet cameras are primarily aimed at dogs first, the Petcube Play 2 camera with its integrated laser pointer was clearly designed first and foremost for cats, and if you have cats who like to chase lasers, it's a fun way to keep an eye on your Cats, you can play with them remotely.

Its latest version has the same built-in laser toy, two-way audio and night vision as the first version. But a new software update boosts its field of view from 138° to 180°, plus 4x zoom.

Petcube Care costs less than $10 per month and gives you filters, 30-second video clips, three days of video history, smart alerts, and more. Adding other subscription services to your list can be frustrating, but the benefits are worth it.

While the Petcube Play 2 doesn't have a treat dispenser, its sister pet cam does. Both Bites and Bites 2 can bring the goods to your pet. Check out our review of Petcube Bites 2 to learn more.


5. Nooie Pet Camera: Best for design

Best for design
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer .

pro Pros con Cons
pro Compact pan-and-tilt design
pro Easy setup
pro 2K QHD resolution
pro Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
pro Local and cloud video storage
con No free cloud storage
con No optical zoom
con No HomeKit compatibility


The Nooie Cam 360 has an ingenious motorized base that captures the entire 360 degrees of the room. It's a handy feature for keeping an eye on your home while you're away, but it's not as useful for motion detection. While the Nooie Cam can track motion with a high degree of accuracy, the camera will not return to a set point, meaning you may miss future motion. The Nooie Cam 360 has basic recording features and easy access to clips, but it's not as good as the competition when it comes to security cameras.

 While cloud services are available, the camera has a microSD card slot. Just swivel the camera lens up to use it. Clips triggered by motion or sound alerts are automatically saved to the microSD card. However, trying to find a clip is a huge pain.

At this price, the Neos SmartCam with free cloud storage is probably a good choice for most people.


Final word

One of the reasons we chose the Furbo Pet Camera as our top pick is because of its live video in crisp 1080p resolution, day or night. You can get clear images of your pets from the app and they will be confident that you are nearby.


Pet cameras FAQ


Are pet cameras worth it?

One of the biggest benefits of dog cameras is that they provide a sense of security for dog owners who are away from their pets for longer periods of time.

Ultimately, this question depends on several factors. If you have a nervous dog who suffers from separation anxiety, or is often outside at unpredictable times, the answer is almost certainly yes. The ability to check in at any time and provide reassurance for yourself and your dog makes it worth it.

If you have a very regular schedule and your dog has settled into the routine well, the price in return can be a little high. As the owner of several pets, I appreciate the idea, but my older dog really doesn't benefit from our cameras the way my younger two do.

How to choose a pet camera?
  • Lens quality: Generally, a camera must have at least 300W+ pixels and 720P resolution. If you are not short of money, then choose a higher configuration.
  • Rotation angle: Due to the limited wide-angle angle, it is impossible for the camera to capture a 360-degree panoramic image, so if the camera can rotate at this time, this problem can be easily solved, and the larger the rotation angle, the better.
  • Storage method: It is best to choose a camera with local storage and cloud storage.

What is the difference between a dog camera and a cat camera?

Everything is in function. While most pet cameras are suitable for all types of pets, we recommend purchasing a camera whose features match your pet's needs and interests.

  • Pet cameras with laser pointers are best for cats.
  • Pet cameras with treat transmitters and barking sensors are better for dogs.

Where should I put my pet camera?

Placing your pet camera at (or slightly above) your pet's eye level will give you the best viewing angle.

If your camera has extra features, experiment with placement to find the right spot. Keep in mind that laser pointers generally work better when the device is closer to the ground, and that bright light from windows or electric lights can affect video quality.


How we reviewed best pet cameras

As the owner of 2 dogs and a cat, I have taken home cameras from Furbo, Skymee, Petcube, etc. and used and tested them for extended periods of time. From price, video quality, two-way voice calls, field of view, and the ease of use of the app with extra features that make them fun for humans and animals alike.
Based on our findings, we've compared cameras and created our best of the best list with reviews below.

Learn more about how we rank and review products in our full methodology.



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