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If your house is big enough, you might as well come with an expandable outdoor monitoring system. This set of 4-channel and 8-channel monitoring system from ZOSI may meet your needs. Factories, companies, shops, etc. can also use this monitoring system.

As we browsed, they all had 1080P HD cameras, smart night vision, AI human detection, and automatic pan, tilt, and zoom. Support ultra-long continuous recording and USB backup. Smartphone control, you can check the security situation in front of and behind the house from anywhere in the world.

pro Pros con Cons
pro Smart night vision
pro AI person detection
pro Battery and solar power options
pro Local storage
con Narrow field of vision
con Confusing customer service hours



Compare ZOSI cameras

Best for Product Price Smart night vision Pan, tilt, zoom Battery powered Weatherproof rating Learn more
Best pet or nanny cam ZOSI C1 Camera
$55.99 Icon No Light No Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes IP65 View
Best porch cam ZOSI C306 Camera
$55.99 Icon No Light No Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes IP66 View
Best for big properties ZOSI C301
$366.99 Icon No Light No Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes IP66 View
Best field of vision ZOSI C289
$46.99 Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No IP65 View
Best outdoor cam ZOSI C190 camera
$33.99 Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No Icon No Light No IP67 View


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ZOSIs camera range is so extensive that it's hard to narrow it down for comparison. That's why we've lined up wireless and Wi-Fi cameras to make things easier.

We recommend the C289 Wi-Fi Camera or the C306 Wireless Camera. Both cameras are under $50 and work indoors or outdoors (with an IP65 weatherproof rating). The C289 is a PTZ camera that gives you a wider range of motion as it can rotate and move to follow the action. The C306 is a battery powered camera, so it is more suitable for free installation.

ZOSI also launched the C301 Security Camera Kit. The kit comes with four cameras and an NVR to record the footage. The C301 isn't ZOSI's only camera kit, either. You can find many other kits that include four or more cameras to cover all of your property.


ZOSI Cameras and Kits

As we said earlier, ZOSI has a range of cameras to choose from. We've found a variety of options in each category of wireless cameras, Wi-Fi Surveillance cameras, PoE cameras, and DVR cameras. Each type of camera has its own pros and cons and unique usage scenarios. ZOSI provides us with a wealth of choices.


Wi-Fi Surveillance Cameras

The operation of the wireless WiFi network camera is very simple, and the whole process will not take more than three minutes to complete. It works much like its battery-powered counterpart, but requires a cable to keep it charged. This usually keeps the price lower than other cameras and allows you to record continuously.

ZOSI has six available Wi-Fi cameras, three of which are compatible with NVR devices, allowing continuous recording on multiple cameras to cover every corner.


PoE cameras

ZOSI's Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras require less wiring and come in kits with multiple cameras. These devices only need a single cable that doubles as a power source and an internet connection to get up and running.


DVR cameras

DVR cameras are a set of systems, suitable for factories, some places in the community, ZOSI has some sets of security cameras with 4K resolution.

The ZOSI DVR system requires more operation and usage knowledge, and is more suitable for enterprise or commercial scenarios. But if you need four or more cameras running continuously, ZOSI offers an affordable option.


ZOSI Wire-free cameras

Wireless means flexible options for installing security cameras, which is a great option if you don’t want to have room taps or wiring. ZOSI sells single cameras for under $60, or multiple cameras for around $340.


1. ZOSI C1 Wire-free: Best pet or nanny cam

Best pet or nanny cam
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ZOSI C1 Wireless Battery Security Camera, WiFi Rechargeable IP Camera with 2-Way Audio, Outdoor Wireless Camera with Color Night Vision, Human Detection, Remote Apps, but with a 90° Field of View than many IP cameras we've come across narrow. But that's just a minor downside.

ZOSI cameras are IP65 weatherproof rated for years of reliable outdoor use even in harsh weather conditions. On a full charge, it can last up to 3 months with normal use (30 triggers per day). It takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge. However, the battery itself is not removable, so you'll need to remove the webcam while charging.

With advanced PIR motion detection technology, you will receive instant app push notifications when a motion event is detected. The camera's software has built-in AI that can distinguish between human bodies and other objects, reducing false positives.

It has two mounting methods: an adhesive magnetic base (great for renters) or a three-screw security bracket (requires drilling). Both methods work both indoors and out, but we like the option that doesn't require any drilling.


2. ZOSI C306 Wire-free: Best porch cam

Best porch cam
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The ZOSI C306 wireless camera's antenna and screw-in bracket make it a better choice for outdoor surveillance away from your router. It comes with a removable rechargeable battery that you can plug directly into an outlet, or you can opt for an optional weatherproof solar panel to go with it.

The functions are basically the same as ZOSI C1, with 1080P video quality, infrared night vision, two-way audio, sound siren, motion detection and IP66 weatherproof rating. It also has AI detection function.

ZOSI C306 has 2 storage options, it has a built-in SD card slot, which can support up to 128G video storage, and local storage allows you to quickly access any footage captured by the camera. Once the memory reaches its limit, you can upload the video to your computer or let the camera overwrite old clips.

In order to save and extend battery life, this C306 motion trigger battery camera only wakes up when motion is detected, and returns to standby mode when there is no motion, which means it only supports motion recording (10s, 20s, 30s event recording optional) , you can easily play back the recorded footage by selecting the date and time on the timeline.


3. ZOSI C301 Wire-free security kit: Best for big properties

Best for big properties
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If your space is large, the ZOSI C301 Wireless Security Kit can meet your needs. This security kit comes with four cameras and a four-channel NVR for recording footage, allowing you to see everywhere.

The C301 security camera is equipped with a 7800mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which consumes less power and lasts longer, and can be connected to a solar panel, which is very suitable for some houses with different shapes of outdoor structures.

All four cameras have antennas to capture your internet signal. Officially, its long-range wireless range is claimed to extend up to 250 feet in a home environment and up to 1,000 feet in an open area. It uses 2.4GHz FHSS technology to prevent interference with WiFi routers. It's also equipped with a single-touch emergency alarm: In an emergency, you just need to tap the "Alarm" sign to activate the siren and lights on the 4 cameras simultaneously, preventing intruders from being caught unawares.

The Micro SD card included with the C301 offers 128GB of storage. You can also upgrade the hard drive to 8TB for additional storage needs.


ZOSI Wi-Fi cameras

ZOSI has two Wi-Fi cameras, the models are C289 and C190. All of these ZOSI cameras feature 1080p (except the C301) video streaming, two-way talk, AI human detection, motion detection zones, and weather protection.

The biggest difference between Wi-Fi cameras and Wire-free cameras is the power cord. Settings are the same for all cameras via the app. But the Wi-Fi range needs a power cord to keep it running. But this also limits the flexible installation position of the camera.


1. ZOSI C289 Wi-Fi camera: Best field of vision

Best field of vision
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The C289 Wi-Fi camera is the only pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera in the ZOSI Wi-Fi camera series. The PTZ camera can rotate 275° horizontally and 90° vertically, with wider coverage and no dead angle. Easily control the direction with the ZOSI Smart App on your phone for an ultra-wide viewing angle.

C289 supports automatic cruise and preset point cruise. Through the app, turn on the auto cruise function, and the camera will cruise automatically. You can also preset cruise points to patrol your custom paths. While we've seen PTZ cameras before, not many have autopilot like this one.

The C289 ZOSI camera supports 3 night vision modes: infrared (black and white), full color and smart night vision mode. Customize your night vision mode through the app to meet all your night surveillance needs. Most cameras default to one type of night vision, leaving low-light video to simple black and white or the occasional color night vision.


2. ZOSI C190 Wi-Fi camera: Best outdoor camera

Best outdoor camera
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The C190 Wi-Fi Camera is one of our best outdoor cameras. The camera sells for $33.99 on Zosi's website and Amazon. While cheap, it offers a lot of great features for half the price of its peers.

The C190 uses a 5-megapixel sensor, and you can have the camera record 24/7 or only when motion is detected.

At the same time, it also has AI recognition, two-way audio, and it supports two-way audio. You can also set up alarms with sirens and lights.

The C190 also has a higher weatherproof rating than other ZOSI cameras we've come across. Designed for outdoor use, the camera has an IP66 rating, which means the camera is weatherproof. And I think the build quality seems to be fine. The entire case and stand are made of metal.


ZOSI PoE cameras and DVR cameras

Both Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cameras contain multiple cameras. These cameras can work both indoors and outdoors and include fixed bullet cameras and PTZ cameras that can transmit multiple perspectives for you simultaneously.


PoE cameras

ZOSI has four available PoE camera kits, each with four cameras and an NVR for storing video footage. Such cameras are more expensive, and use compression techniques to control buffering and lag times when viewing footage.

Among the four camera systems, there are two with fixed bullet cameras (suitable for normal surveillance places: aisles, stair corners, entrances, bank counters, parking lots, etc.), and the other two with PTZ cameras (suitable for Wide range of places: lobby, parking lot, residential area, factory, street, etc.).


DVR cameras

ZOSI has 12 unique DVR kits to choose from. DVRs are an older method of CCTV surveillance, but the cameras they contain are fairly new. Two of the ZOSI DVR kits come with 4K video and 200ft infrared vision.

ZOSI DVR camera systems are great for residential areas, factories, and commercial centers, but not very practical for homeowners (unless it's a very large house).


ZOSI customer service and support

On the ZOSI website you can find downloadable manuals and documentation, video tutorials for installation and troubleshooting, as well as an FAQ page and blog. These online documents and materials can help customers solve a large number of common problems.

ZOSI is a Chinese company whose phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 18:00 UTC+8. If you need human service, you can call the company between 11:00 AM and 2:00 AM CST.

Setup for both the wireless and Wi-Fi cameras was easy and friendly during our testing. The app walks you through everything you need to know. But if you're opting for a security kit with an NVR, DVR, or PoE camera, maybe you need official help.



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