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We compared the Zmodo camera to the competition. See the similarities and differences between them.

If you're looking for a smart security camera at an ultra-low price, look no further than Zmodo. Zmodo offers an impressive range of security cameras that won't necessarily blow your mind with complex features, but are above industry-leading in terms of core functionality. We're talking 1080p HD resolution, 65-foot night vision, motion alerts, and optional cloud recording.

pro Pros con Cons
pro affordable upfront price
pro Simple, Discreet Design
pro No subscription required
pro Crisp 1080p video quality
pro Delay function in application
pro Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
pro 30-day money-back guarantee
pro 1 year warranty
con Most features require a subscription
con Subscriptions for multiple cameras can get expensive
con Notification Delay Time for iPhone Apps




Zmodo Cameras Recommend

  1. Zmodo Pivot Cloud Camera: Best overall
  2. Zmodo Mini Pro Camera: Best for budgets
  3. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera: Best for night vision
  4. Zmodo Torch 360 Camera: Best hidden outdoor cam
  5. Zmodo Sight 180 and 180 C Camera: Not recommended
  6. Zmodo Snap PT Wireless Security Camera: Most expensive price

Compare Zmodo cameras

Product Best for Price Video Quality Field of View Two-way talk Compatibility Indoor or outdoor Learn more
Zmodo Pivot Cloud
Zmodo Pivot Cloud
Best overall $59.99 1080p HD 120° Icon Yes  Light Yes Amazon Alexa Indoor View
Zmodo Mini Pro
Zmodo Mini Pro
Best for budgets $21.49 1080p HD 120° Icon Yes  Light Yes Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Indoor View
Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera
Best for night vision $33.99 1080p HD 90° Icon No Light No Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Indoor and outdoor View
Zmodo Torch 360
Zmodo Torch 360
Best hidden outdoor cam $88.88 720p HD 132° Icon No Light No N/A Indoor and Outdoor View
Zmodo Snap PT
Zmodo Snap PT
Most expensive price $199.00 1080p HD 151° Icon Yes  Light Yes Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Indoor View


* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.


What to expect with Zmodo cameras?

Zmodo's cameras vary, but they all have a few things in common:


Motion Detection

The Zmodo camera will alert us through the Zmodo app when it detects motion. For our indoor cameras, that's friendly enough to add if you don't have pets at home. But for our outdoor cameras, that means we get a lot of alerts throughout the day. If you live in a busy urban area, there's always a lot of action happening outside, so notifications aren't the most important thing. In the past we have tested other security cameras that offer motion detection, such as the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor camera. This means that we will only be alerted when a real person is detected. If you live away from the downtown area, then this is not too much to worry about.


Zmodo App

We like having a centralized platform to view our cameras and access all their features. Remember, setting up a security camera these days almost always requires downloading an app, and this is no exception. It doesn't matter which Zmodo camera you buy; to control it remotely, we tested both Android and IOS platforms. Notifications are always slow on the iPhone, and old footage cannot be viewed. Hopefully Zmodo's product managers can improve this.

To use the Zmodo app, you’ll need an Android device operating on version 4.0 or better—or an iOS device operating on version 9.0 or better.


Field of Zoom

All of Zmodo's cameras use 4x digital zoom, and we zoomed in four times on the Zmodo app, which allowed us to literally see the faces of family and friends up close. Fortunately, we were not hacked when we tested the cameras, but we know that if there was a breach, the footage we obtained would certainly be used as evidence at trial.


Zmodo Cameras Cloud Storage Plan

Plan Monthly Cost Price Yearly Cost Price Yearly Savings Price Alert clips for past 12 hours Days of alert clip storage Pay per Camera (additional camera subscriptions 50% off)
Basic $0 $0 $0 Icon Yes  Light Yes 0 Icon No Light No
7 Day $4.99 $49.90 $10 Icon No Light No 7 Icon No Light No
30 Day $9.99 $99.90 $20 Icon No Light No 30 Icon Yes  Light Yes


Data as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


Zmodo gave us 12 hours of storage for free, which is definitely not enough for busy people, and our plan was upgraded to a week of cloud storage for only $4.99 per month, and the yearly plan would be even better. From there, we selected the clips we wanted to keep and downloaded them to our phone, then transferred them to our computer.


How Zmodo's camera is different?


Video Quality

The Zmodo dome camera, as well as the Torch 360 camera, are only 720p HD and the picture is not clear. Of course, we can still get a general idea of ​​what is going on, but the camera with the 1080p HD display has more details. We want shots that are sharp, not super pixelated. Not the pixelated game graphics of the 80s. 1080p HD video resolution is our minimum requirement.


Night Vision

All of Zmodo's cameras, except the Torch 360, have infrared night vision, and the night footage we shot with the Zmodo camera was black and white, but still very clear. But on the other hand, with the Torch 360, our night vision is full color due to the bright bulb of the camera. While it's a cool idea to have a camera and a flashlight in one, we've found that the light bulb just draws more attention to the camera, making it more likely to be damaged or even stolen if someone breaks in. We prefer cameras with infrared LED sensors, which are almost completely unobtrusive in the dark of night.


Field of View

The Zmodo cameras have essentially the same video quality, but they don't have the same field of view. Both are wide-angle lenses, and generally we like a field of view above 120 degrees; otherwise, the lens is too narrow to cover all the space. Sight 180 cameras perform best with a 180-degree field of view. In addition, the field of view of Zmodo Snap PT, Torch 360 and Pivot Cloud also has a good performance, which are 151 degrees, 132 degrees and 120 degrees respectively. The Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera is only 90 degrees, which means that if you want to cover more places, you can only get the desired range by installing multiple cameras.


Two-Way Audio

Many of the security cameras we tested had two-way audio, except for the 1080p HD indoor/outdoor WiFi camera, the 720p indoor dome camera, and the Torch 360. The others have two-way audio. This function is used when you go out to talk to your family or you often receive a lot of packages. It's really handy to be alerted when the delivery guy stops. From there, we can discuss with them exactly where our shipment is placed and they can reply!



One of the great things about Zmodo is its super low price. We got the cheapest camera for under $40, which is about the same as the Wyze comparison we've reviewed in the past. Even the most expensive Snap PT camera is only $199. While that's a bit pricey for indoor cameras (they're usually around $100-$150), it makes a lot more sense when we see cameras with door/window sensors. Zmodo is definitely one of the more affordable smart security options out there, so for those on a budget, you'll be as happy with their low price as we are.


Additional features

Why we like Zmodo so much, besides the super low price advantage. And features we haven't seen before:


Door/Window Sensor

Zmodo is not just a camera, it has also made some extensions in the field of home security. Things like the Pivot Cloud and the Snap PT are equipped with door/window sensors which work great, and the sensors are all wireless and connected to the Zmodo app which allows us to be alerted whenever there is an intruder.


Environmental monitoring

However, as an indoor camera, this function is a bit unnecessary. It is better to know the feeling of the outside than the feeling of the inside. Because we can control our climate with the Nest Learning Thermostat. If you are someone with sensitive skin, this might be a plus.



The Zmodo Torch 360 camera has a light bulb on top that you can use as a flashlight. You can change its color, and it can serve as a mood atmosphere in special festivals. It can also control when it turns on and off via a preset option in the Zmodo app, so that it doesn't waste electricity and increases the life of the bulb. We haven't seen such a design in the security cameras we have reviewed before, and it is also one of the selling points.


Setup and Installation

Zmodo cameras are very easy to install and set up, we install all of the Zmodo cameras ourselves, the installation process is the same for each camera in most cases and the whole process takes less than ten minutes.

First download the Zmodo app and create an account, we connect each app to our WiFi system, we have to do this in the same room as the router. With all the cameras set up in our app, connected to WiFi, and named, we started placing the cameras where we wanted them, which for indoor cameras meant placing them on high shelves. Of course, things are a little different with the Torch 360, which we had to screw into our existing flashlight.


Zmodo camera reviews


1. Zmodo Pivot Cloud: Best overall

Best overall
  • Zmodo Pivot Cloud
    Zmodo Pivot Cloud
  • SecureScore™: 8.8 / 10
  • $59.99
  • pro 350° rotation
    pro Indoor
    pro Two-way talk
    pro Good night vision
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

If you're looking for an affordable wireless camera for smart home security, the Zmodo Pivot Cloud Camera is a great option. Aside from being affordable, its main draw is the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Combined with the motion sensor and the included door/window contact sensor, the pivoting feature is very useful. And it will also autofocus on the action in the room, so you can capture that playful and adorable shot of your kids or pets. Thanks to the swivel pivot feature, you can cover a lot of ground with just one Zmodo Cloud Pivot instead of buying multiple cameras at once.


More than a camera

We like that the Zmodo Pivot Cloud features a quad camera, Bluetooth speaker, security center, and environmental sensors. Because the price of a Bluetooth smart speaker alone can easily reach $ 100 - more than the price of the multifunctional Pivot Cloud.

  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • 120° viewing angle
  • Has a range of 30 feet in night vision mode
  • Pair with Zmodo's door and window sensors for a basic DIY security system
  • Local storage and free cloud storage
  • Two-way talk Features
  • Camera rotation axis
  • Motion detection
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Light Bulb

The closest competitor to the Zmodo Pivot Cloud is the Wyze Cam Pan. Read our Wyze Cam Pan review to see how it compares.


2. Zmodo Mini Pro: Budget pick

Budget pick
  • Zmodo Mini Pro
    Zmodo Mini Pro
  • SecureScore™: 8.8 / 10
  • $21.49
  • pro Mounts anywhere
    pro Very affordable
    pro Smart motion detection
    pro Good night vision
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Zmodo Mini Pro is a compact indoor security camera that costs less than $25. Its lens captures a 130° viewing angle and records in 1080p at 25 fps. Activity can also be monitored via the Zmodo App or Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant smart displays. Mounting can be placed on a flat surface or hung on a wall, using a USB adapter that plugs into a wall outlet and connects to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal. It also has AI motion detection and time-lapse video features, but you have to subscribe to a cloud storage plan to take advantage of them. At under $15, it's the most affordable security camera we've tested, but the $20 Wyze Cam V3 is a better value.


A small but mighty camera

Simple design and installation

It has a white housing with a black camera face, measures 1.6 by 2.3 by 1.1 inches (HWD), and is supported by a fold-out stand that tilts forward and backward but not swivel. It comes with a mounting plate and screws that allow you to mount it on the wall.

Features are powerful:

The Zmodo Mini Pro has some smart features, including the ability to differentiate between people and pets to reduce motion notifications. You can also set motion activity zones to receive notifications about movement of specific areas of the room—maybe a window, door, play area, or out-of-bounds location.

The Zmodo Mini Pro faces some serious competition, especially from the Wyze Cam v3. Check out our full review of the best cheap security cameras under $50 to learn more.

Check out our review of the ZOSI C190 before you make a final decision. It has a few extra features that are nice to have in an outdoor security camera, like two-way talk and an alarm, for a competitive price.


3. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera: Best for night vision

Best for night vision
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* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera is around $34. While it's a great deal, you might want to forego it, and with a limited 90° viewing angle and no audio, the outdoor wireless camera lacks some very basic features.

But we also like the night vision feature, which has a range of up to 65 feet (20 meters). The picture is surprisingly clear. During the day, the image is sharper.

One of the best things about the Zmodo Smart Outdoor Camera is the motion alerts. The device's motion detection is better than some other similarly priced brands. It's not overly sensitive and doesn't have many false positives.


4. Zmodo Torch 360: Best hidden outdoor camera

Best hidden outdoor cam
  • Zmodo Torch 360
    Zmodo Torch 360
  • SecureScore™: 8.3 / 10
  • $80.88
  • pro 360° rotation
    pro Easy installation
    pro Built-in smart light
    pro Indoor and outdoor
View Packages

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Torch 360 is a unique smart home product that is larger than a standard light bulb (2.95" x 6.46") and works best in a clear glass enclosure. The Zmodo Torch 360 does not come with infrared night vision, as it displays video based on ambient light and is generally less sensitive than the human eye perceives. Setup Requirements Requires smartphone or tablet iOS (v 7.0 or higher) or Android (v 4.0 or higher) 2.4GH z WiFi network.

Please make sure the Torch 360 fits the location and enclosure you are going to use it in before purchasing, the Torch 360 measures 6.46 inches high and 2.95 inches wide. (We take that to mean it's 2.95 inches in diameter.)

  • Working Environment: Designed for indoor or covered use 14F-122F. It is not a good choice for winter monitoring.
  • Motion Alert: 30-second video reminder + adjustable notifications and scheduling.
  • LED light: 350 lumens brightness, 5000K color temperature, lifespan 100,000 hours.
  • Resolution: HD (720p) / 25fps.
  • No night vision or two-way talk: Compared to other Zmodo cameras, the Torch 360 records at a lower resolution (720p). It also lacks night vision, which is odd for an outdoor camera. There's also no two-way talk, nor does it work with smart home hubs.


5. Zmodo Sight 180 and 180 C: Not recommended

The Zmodo Sight 180 and Sight 180 C are older cameras, the main difference being that the Sight 180 cannot be wall mounted like the 180 C. These older Zmodo models are not worth the price. By purchasing the Pivot Cloud instead of the Zmodo Sight 180 or the Mini Pro instead of the Sight 180C, you'll get your money's worth. So we don't recommend you to buy it.



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