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Each of Canary’s security devices showcases a user-friendly design, easy setup, and straightforward home security features.

Canary’s home security approach is driven by simplicity. While this makes Canary security cameras a great fit for apartments and small spaces, they probably won’t do the job for larger homes—especially if you want integrated smart home functionality.

But if you can add only one home security device to your dwelling, the Canary Pro All-in-One is definitely a contender. It delivers everything you want from a smart security camera along with a 90 dB siren and a one-touch link to the police or fire department.

pro Pros con Cons
pro Ideal size for apartments
pro No contract required
pro 60-day money-back guarantee
pro Free 24-hour video history
pro Person detection
pro Discrete design
pro Noonlight mobile panic button available
con No pro monitoring
con Service plan required for many features
con No smart home compatibility


Canary Home Security Pricing

Canary’s devices range widely in price—from less than $100 for its cheapest camera to $169 for its most expensive. However, its service plan pricing is straightforward and doesn’t change whether you buy the top-end Canary Pro or the budget-friendly Canary View.

First, we’ll look at how much a Canary device will cost you, and then we’ll break down your service plan options.

Canary Security Camera Prices

Plan Price Included Equipment Bundle Savings* Learn more
Canary Pro $169.00 Canary Pro (1) $95 View
Canary View $99.00 Canary View (1) $99 View
Canary Flex $199.00 Canary Flex (1) $70 View
Canary Starter Pack $169.00 Canary View (1)
Canary Flex (1)
$99 View
Canary Total Home Pack $249.99 Canary Pro (1)
Canary Flex (2)
$129 View
Packages list price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.
*Savings if purchased with one year of Premium Service ($99) paid in advance.


Canary Service Plan Pricing

Service Monthly Price Yearly Price Warranty Video Recording Video Storage Two-Way Communication Noonlight Safety Button Learn More
Basic Service Free Free 1 year Clips only 1 day Icon No Light No Icon No Light No View
1 Year Premium Service $9.99 $99 2 years Full-length videos 30 days Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes View
2 Years Premium Service $7.42 $89 2 years Full-length videos 30 days Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes View


Data as of post date. Offers and availability subject to change.


The only potential point of confusion is when you opt to buy a year of Premium Service up front. The long and short of it is that if you can lay down $99 in advance for a one-year subscription to Canary's Premium Service plan, you'll get your Canary Pro or Canary View for free (or close to it).

The exception is the Canary Flex. The Flex isn't free with a Premium Service subscription.

This device was originally advertised at $199, but Canary has slashed prices and now sells it for $139. If you opt for a year of Premium Service, you'll get both for $129—less than if you bought the camera on its own. Essentially, that means you'll pay just $30 for the device on top of your service plan.


Customer-First Policies That Save You Money

One thing that this company does right? It makes it easy for you to give Canary a try. Two policies stand out for us: free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee.


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy a Canary product, you have 60 days from the date of purchase to return it and request a full refund. There are a couple of caveats, though—you have to be the original purchaser or end user, and you must have purchased your Canary device directly from Canary.

But don’t panic if you’re a die-hard Amazon shopper. It looks like you can also get free returns if you buy from the Canary store on Amazon—just make sure the 60-day refund is available when you add Canary to your Amazon cart. To be safe, look for “sold and shipped by Canary” before you buy.


Free Shipping

I don’t know about you, but I really resent paying for shipping. Canary is sensitive to that customer complaint and offers free shipping on every purchase—no minimum dollar amount required.

If you’re buying on Amazon, pay attention. Some purchases are eligible for free shipping and some aren’t. Plus, it looks like being an Amazon Prime member won’t save the day when it comes to Canary products. I didn’t see any free 2-day shipping with Prime notices on any of the Canary products I looked up.


Canary Home Security Tech and Equipment

Product Price 1080p HD Video One-Touch
Emergency Contact
Siren Two-Way Person Detection Outdoor Use Wire-Free Use Climate Sensors Learn more
Canary Pro Canary Pro $169.00 Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes View
Canary View Canary View $99 Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No Icon No Light No Icon No Light No View
Canary Flex Canary Flex $199.00 Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon Yes  Light Yes Icon No Light No View
Packages price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.


All of Canary’s smart security cameras come with the basic features any savvy shopper wants in a 21st-century security cam. Where Canary breaks away from the pack is with its extra home security features. All of its devices have an emergency button that directly calls help with just one touch, and the Canary Pro comes with a built-in siren.

Here’s a deeper dive into what each Canary camera has to offer.


Canary Pro

Sometimes referred to as the Canary All-in-One, the Pro is the most feature-packed smart home security device the brand has to offer. You get all the standard security camera features: HD video, night vision, two-way talk, motion-activated recording, and AI that claims to tell people from pets.

Plus, if you add the Premium Service plan, you get unlimited video downloads. Without the plan, you can’t download any video, and all of your clips disappear after 24 hours.

You’ll pay more for the Canary Pro, but you get a built-in siren and climate monitors that help your home stay extra secure.

The siren lets neighbors (or sleeping household members) know that something shady is going on. At 90 dB, that siren blast is about as loud as a lawnmower, so it should get the job done. And the climate sensors monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity in your home.

That makes the Canary Pro an early warning system if you live in more extreme climates or an older home with old pipes. The climate sensors can let you know immediately if you’re at risk for potential fires or frozen pipes.


Canary View

This is the most stripped-down HD camera that Canary has to offer. Even with the Premium Service plan, the View doesn’t offer more than your average indoor security camera. It delivers the same sharp images you get with the Pro and the Flex, and it offers two-way audio through the built-in speaker (if you add the Premium Service plan).

However, it has fewer features than Canary’s other cameras. While you still get the one-touch emergency button, there’s no siren in the Canary View.

It’s the deal that Canary’s offering that makes the View a good choice—especially if you’re watching your wallet. When you add one year of the Premium Service plan to your purchase, Canary throws in the device for free. That means you end up paying $99 for both the Canary View and a year of upgraded premium service (a $200 value).

If you’re looking for a device that would make a good nanny cam, the View is one to put on your list. It’s the least money out of your pocket, and it doesn’t have extras like a siren that could be disruptive to baby sleeping—especially if it’s a false alarm.


Canary Flex

One of my only complaints about both the Canary View and the Canary Pro is that they’re not designed with any weatherproofing. So you can only use them inside.

Canary has negated that issue with the Canary Flex. Just like another of my favorite cameras, the Arlo Pro, this little device can move straight from inside your home to the porch or back deck. If you’ve got outdoor space (or a spot that’s far from an outlet) that you want to keep an eye on, the Canary Flex is your best bet.

I gave the Canary Flex only a brief stint on my balcony, but the video and sound quality were still as good as what I got inside.

The other thing that stands out about the Flex is its battery. This is the only Canary camera that still works if you unplug it. All it needs to keep going is a Wi-Fi connection.

You do have to keep tabs on the battery, which lasts up to two months between charges (depending on how you use the camera). You'll also need to budget for an extended charging time–in my test, it took a little more than seven hours.

But you get a whole lot of life from a full charge, so I recommend recharging overnight when it’s time to give your Flex battery some more juice. You can check the battery status in the Canary app, and you’ll get warnings when it’s time to recharge the battery.



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