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Wyze is a very young smart home developer company. It started out with low-cost home surveillance cameras, and now its business has involved all aspects of smart homes, including smart home security and anti-theft, doorbells, smart lights, smart locks and body fat. say. We're mostly testing its security camera offerings this time around, and we've spent weeks researching and testing Wyze cameras to find out why they're available for such a cheap price.

pro Pros con Cons
pro Fantastically affordable price
pro Free cloud video storage
pro Local recording using microSD card on most units
pro Cheap paid cloud storage plan
pro Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
pro Indoor and outdoor models available
con Restrictive free cloud storage
con No support for microSD cards over 32 GB
con No microSD card included
con Low frame rates, especially at night
con No support for 5GHz Wi-Fi networks



Best Wyze Security Cameras Review

  1. Wyze Cam v3: Best value
  2. Wyze Cam Outdoor: Best wireless camera
  3. Wyze Cam Pan: Best indoor camera
  4. Wyze Video Doorbell: Best for front door

Wyze cameras comparison

Product Best for Price* Field of view Video storage Weatherproofing Power source Learn more Read review
Wyze Cam v3 Wyze Cam v3 Best overall $35.98 130º Cloud, microSD card Icon Yes  Light IP65 USB adapter View on
Read review
Wyze Cam Outdoor Wyze Cam Outdoor Best wireless camera $69.98 110º Cloud, microSD card Icon Yes  Light IP65 Battery,USB adapter View on
Read review
Wyze Cam Pan v2 Wyze Cam Pan v2 Best indoor camera $49.98 120º (lens)
360º (pan)
Cloud, microSD card Icon No Light Indoor only USB adapter View on
Read review
Wyze Video Doorbell Wyze Video Doorbell Best for front door $54.72 120º Cloud only Icon Yes  Light IP65 Doorbell wiring View on
Read review


*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.


Wyze cameras similarities


Core features

No matter which Wyze model of security camera you choose, they all have the same core features:

  • Motion and sound detection: Capturing key events without continuous recording, the Wyze Video Doorbell is the only model that doesn't support sound detection, but we think it's a good choice that respects visitor privacy.
  • Two-way audio: gives you the option to talk to people through the cameras and hear their replies.
  • Infrared night vision: Allows the camera to record video in complete darkness
  • 1080p HD video quality: Can capture high-definition details.
  • Time-lapse recordings: 
  • Compact, minimalist designs: The cameras blend into their surroundings without taking up too much space.
  • Smoke and CO alerts: Allows the camera to send you push notifications when it detects the sound of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm.
  • App: Camera functions can be operated and set using the app.

Most of these features (two-way audio, 1080p video, motion detection, and night vision) are standard configurations with other brands of cameras. But Wyze stands out for offering time-lapse video and smoke alerts without a subscription, while companies like Google Nest† and Arlo charge extra.


Cloud storage

All Wyze security cameras include free cloud storage to store video clips online for up to 2 weeks. While it offers free storage for relatively long periods of time, it has two serious recording limitations that may reduce its effectiveness.

Video clips can't be longer than 12 seconds, which barely captures the context of what happened in your family. In short, you have to step right into the critical footage for Wyze's free cloud storage to be useful in a security incident. But you can solve this problem in three ways:

  • Directly buy SD card to store video locally, there is no need to pay for cloud subscription.
  • Remove all limitations by purchasing a Wyze Cam Plus storage plan.
  • If you don't want to pay a penny, you can adjust the camera's sensitivity and create detection zones to limit recording triggers. While changing motion or sound sensitivity works in many cases, we prefer to use detection zones that only trigger when there's activity on a specific door or window.

Wyze cloud storage plans

Plan Price per camera Length of video clip or motion alert Recording/alert cooldown Sound, smoke alarm, and CO alerts Premium features* Learn more
Basic Plan Free 12 seconds 5 minutes Icon Yes  Light Yes None View
Cam Plus Plan $1.99/mo. Unlimited None Icon Yes  Light Yes Event fast forwarding,
person detection


Data as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

*Wyze plans to add the following premium features in the future: face recognition, package detection, pet detection, vehicle detection, and event insights.


Wyze Cam smart home compatibility

Wyze supports three major smart home platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT (If This Then That). While support isn't particularly deep compared to brands like Arlo, it's a welcome bonus for budget products like Wyze and having a smart home platform at home.

With Alexa and Google, you can view live video streams from Wyze cameras on compatible smart displays such as Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub using simple voice commands. But we couldn't find any other way to use the Wyze camera with these digital assistants, so you can't start recording or even turn off the camera.

IFTTT has more options for controlling your cameras and linking them to smart home devices beyond Amazon and Google's smart hubs. But IFTTT recently introduced a paid subscription model that limits what users can do for free.


Wyze cameras differences


Wyze Cam local video storage

All of Wyze's security cameras, with the exception of the Wyze Video Doorbell, can record video locally on a microSD card and only support up to 32 GB of storage.This is because the FAT32 file structure used by the camera does not work reliably on larger memory cards. This is something Wyze will strive to improve in the next generation.

A 32 GB card is indeed too small, especially for 1080p HD video, but Wyze says it's enough for two days of continuous HD video or eight days of SD video. If you want to optimize your storage space, you can use the "Record events only" setting to store 5 minutes when motion is detected.


Wyze Cam video frame rates

There are different frame rates between Wyze security cameras, the higher the frame rate the sharper the shot and the finer details can be captured, but it will also consume your storage space, the latest models will have a higher frame rate. Each camera has a different frame rate at different times, with a lower frame rate at night, allowing longer exposure times for low-light conditions. The following is a frame rate comparison table for each model:

Model Daytime frame rate Nighttime frame rate
Wyze Cam Outdoor 20 fps 10 fps
Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Video Doorbell 20 fps 15 fps
Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Cam Black (v2) 15 fps 10 fps


How are Wyze ameras weatherproof?

Three of Wyze's newest cameras (Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam v3, and Wyze Video Doorbell) are weatherproof so you can use them in outdoor conditions. Even if Wyze Cam v3 works outdoors, you need to use an outdoor power adapter. Unfortunately, this adapter is not yet available and currently only allows the camera to be placed indoors.


Wyze camera installation

Most Wyze cameras have a simple metal mounting plate, if you don't want to drill holes in the wall for screws you can use double sided tape to attach it, but it won't be as strong as a hole screw.

But the Wyze Video Doorbell doesn't use a magnetic mount. Instead, it comes with a mounting plate that you screw to the wall. It's a logical choice that helps prevent someone from walking away with your doorbell at will.

Read our security camera installation guide to learn more.


Wyze camera power sources

There are three types of power sources (USB, battery and cable) for Wyze cameras, allowing them to work in different environments:

Model Power sources
Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan USB
Wyze Outdoor battery
Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan Doorbell Wiring


  • Indoor cameras like Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan use a simple USB adapter.
  • The Wyze Outdoor security camera runs on battery power, so you can place it away from electrical outlets. It also uses a base station (USB adapter) indoors to connect to Wi-Fi and extend battery life.
  • The Wyze Video Doorbell connects directly to your existing doorbell wiring, providing it with constant power so you can see visitors on your porch. 


Wyze security camera reviews


1. Wyze Cam v3: Best value

Best value
  • Wyze Cam v3
    Wyze Cam v3
  • SecureScore™: 9.3 / 10
  • pro Color night vision
    pro Indoor/outdoor
View on Amazon

As the third generation of Wyze's flagship product series, Wyze Cam v3 still adopts the low-cost, high-performance smart home strategy. It received rave reviews when it was launched, and was even called the best security camera under $25 by countless media.

See it in action in our full review of the Wyze Cam v3.

Compared with Wyze Cam 2, the new sensor equipped with Wyze Cam v3 has the function of color night vision, and the quality of video and images is clearer in low-light conditions. The sharpness of the picture quality is improved. The most amazing thing is that the color night vision function of Wyze Cam v3 allows users to identify various colors in the picture even in the dark night, and users can even look at the stars through it.

Wyze Cam v3 has also improved on the microphone and speaker. Now the speaker can emit a loud alarm sound of up to 80 decibels, and users can have two-way conversations with their family members at any time through the software. Wyze Cam v3 has effectively enhanced its audio processing capabilities. Make the sound quality clearer, just like making a phone call.

Wyze Cam v3 can still work with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. When the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds, Wyze Cam v3 will sound the alarm together.

Overall, the Wyze Cam v3 is probably the best value for money among affordable security cameras. Full HD recording, great imaging even at night, two-way talk, plenty of fine-tuning options, and useful features like scheduling and automation make it a great value for money. Other cheap security cameras like the Ring Indoor Cam and Blink Mini can't keep up.


2. Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle: Best wireless camera

Best wireless camera
View on Amazon

The price is only $50. Wyze, the startup behind the $20 Wyze Cam, has a new product — the Wyze Cam Outdoor. This iteration of this awesome indoor home security camera is weatherproof and has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 3-6 months on a single charge. And like the Blink XT2, the Wyze Cam Outdoor comes with a base station.

The built-in battery of Wyze Cam Outdoor can last for 3~6 months when it is fully charged normally. The product itself is equipped with a camera with 1080p pixels, which supports high-definition night vision under the combination of software and hardware, and can see clearly at night within 25 feet. Every detail, even the beard on a human face.

Wyze Cam Outdoor now supports video motion capture. When someone appears in the camera range, Wyze Cam Outdoor will actively focus on the person instead of the wind-blown leaves next to the person. Wyze Cam Outdoor also supports storing recorded videos in cloud space for up to 14 days. If users need longer video storage and editing services, they only need to pay an additional Wyze service fee of $1.49 per month , you can get better service.

Learn more in our full Wyze Cam Outdoor review.


3. Wyze Cam Pan v2: Best indoor camera

Best indoor camera
View on Amazon

The Wyze Cam Pan v2 is an affordable and capable security camera. It offers more camera coverage for less money, making it an easy recommendation for anyone buying a home security product. The Wyze Cam Pan v2 is more expensive than the Wyze Cam v3, but we think it's the better choice if you want a versatile indoor security camera.

The Cam Pan V2 is a slight update to the original Pan model with few external changes. Things can be rotated and recorded. It doesn't look as good as something like a Nest Cam, but it doesn't have to look great to be a good security camera. Inside is Wyze's new "Starlight" sensor for improved night vision, and a more powerful processor.

Compared to other products from Wyze, this camera can pan. With a 360-degree swivel range and over 90-degree tilt, Pan Scan essentially allows you to set up to four waypoints for the camera to automatically patrol. Almost whole room coverage is guaranteed, and multiple rooms can be easily covered.

The Wyze Cam Pan V2 looks exactly like its predecessor. Its white mini-tower case measures 5.0x2.2x2.2 inches (HWD), which is just a little bigger than bar soap. The earlier Wyze Cam Pan is still one of our favorite budget security cameras, even with the Wyze Cam v3 changing the script. Time will tell if the Wyze Cam Pan v2 and its color night vision can match its predecessor. 


4. Wyze Video Doorbell: Best for front door

Best for front door
View on Amazon

The Wyze Video Doorbell shares many features and specs with the Wyze Cam Indoor, but it has a weatherproof housing. It has 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, motion alerts, two-way talk, and two weeks of free cloud storage.

The Wyze Video Doorbell opts for a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is better suited for front porches than the widescreen 16:9 standard on Ring doorbells. The camera's field of view is narrower than what you'd find on a typical doorbell camera, though, affecting your view.

Overall, the Wyze Video Doorbell could benefit from a wider field of view, but the camera's video quality is probably good enough for most. Don't expect it to outperform pricier doorbell cameras from the likes of Arlo, Google Nest, and Ring, though.

Check out our full Wyze doorbell review.


Wyze security camera accessories

Wyze Home Monitoring Service

In addition to security cameras, Wyze also offers a brand of home security service systems. Wyze Home Monitoring Service is Wyze's first DIY security system with professional monitoring. It works in tandem with Wyze security cameras, and even includes Cam Plus cloud storage for individual cameras as part of the $5-per-month price. Learn more in our Wyze home monitoring review.


Wyze smart home devices

Unlike surveillance services, Wyze's smart home devices may not offer as many immediate benefits when you pair them with a Wyze security camera. But you can use the same app as the cameras to control them and create rules for them to work together.

Wyze's smart home devices q list includes:


*Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.


Final word

WYZE's products are really affordable, with a complete product line, easy to use and install, and complete supporting facilities (App). Wyze security cameras are unlikely to take into account both price and substance. While they don't have the most advanced technology, they manage to keep up with their pricier competitors.

Overall, we recommend the Wyze security cameras to anyone who wants an affordable security option, or anyone with a larger budget who wants to collect a lot of cameras.

Check out our review of the best cheap security cameras to see how the Wyze fits into the sub-$50 category.


How We Reviewed Wyze Cameras

We know Wyze's history, and we've focused on its latest models, we didn't review the Wyze Cam v2 because it's similar to the new Wyze Cam v3 for the same price. After selecting the cameras to review, we highlight the commonalities and differences between the products before giving a brief review of each camera. For a specific product, we also provide a link entry for everyone to visit. This approach lets us compare Wyze as a whole to other security camera brands while highlighting the strengths of specific models.

Our research for these Wyze security camera reviews looked at specifications, online reviews, and personal experiences of Wyze cameras and other products. Our own in-house members are heavy testers of Wyze security cameras. If you'd like to learn more about how we test and evaluate products, please consider reading our review methodology.



Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Bestwirelesscam.com utilizes paid Amazon links.

Certain content that appears on this site comes from Amazon. This content is provided “as is” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

†Google, Google Nest, Google Assistant, and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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